It’s Summer Baby

I’ve been writing, recording, and making plans for some COVID-safe shows this summer. Here’s a little update for you.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming music video I did with Clark Dubya, the ‘Up Here in Canada‘ guy.  It’s a cheeky crash-and-burn love story duet, and we recorded it in my hometown of Lake Country, BC.

I recorded background vocals on a fun Outlaw honky-tonk tune for a fellow Calgary artist. It was cool to play around with harmonies and I’ll share the final version with you when it’s done.

In my downtime, I completed an online writing-for-artists crash course that really got me in the writing groove. We met three different Nashville artists and wrote for them based on what they were looking for in their next cut.  It was such a different perspective to write for someone else’s personality and genre. I met a few writers to collaborate with and came out with three new songs. The highlight was meeting Canadian country artist Meghan Patrick, who called in from her truck – the only place should could find service after the Nashville storms.

I’ve been busy applying for a few different mentorship and development programs that I hope are fruitful. On the one hand I’m tentative to even apply, but on the other, why not throw my hat in the ring?

Other than that, I have a newfound obsession for Patsy Cline. My grandma gifted me her car, which has a CD player as its sole music-listening option. I picked up a Patsy Cline CD on a whim at the gas station and am loving the simplicity of listening to an album in its entirety over and over again.

Until next time,





When a Man Cries

Planting trees with Dad
Planting apple trees with my dad, who inspired certain lines in this song.

I’m freaking out in the best way possible. I have a song on Spotify! And Apple Music, and most other places you can stream or download songs.

Of course, I’m also freaking out with the rest of the world as we go through this global pandemic. I process life through writing songs, so I’m going to keep writing.

I wrote When a Man Cries because I noticed that people in my life, including myself but especially men, often apologize for crying. One of my favourite places to be is on the receiving end of someone opening up and sharing something that makes them teary-eyed. It’s rare to see another person like that, especially men. When tears come, it feels like I get a glimpse into something that’s usually hidden away.

Whether it’s a song we wrote in our bedroom or something that makes us cry, here’s to sharing things we used to hide. In these strange times, may we really see those around us and take care of each other.

When a Man Cries

At a funeral
Or the father of the bride
When his team wins the big one
Or the birth of his child
I’ve only seen it happen
A couple of times
But something feels special
When a man cries

He might try to hide it
He might leave the room
Swear that he didn’t
Or blame it on the booze
It’s probably dark in the middle of the night
I hang on every word
When a man cries

His walls start to crumble
Every tear’s like a brick
Fall fall fall until there’s a space
I can get in

Oh here it comes
His eyes are turning red
He doesn’t usually like to
Put his head on my chest
It’s nice to be with him here on the inside
That’s why I love
When a man cries

His walls start to crumble
Every tear’s like a brick
Fall fall fall until there’s a space
I can get in

Fall fall fall until there’s a space
I can get in

Buddy is on the Internet

Hearing my music is no longer an in-person, exclusive experience. My musical musings are now on the internet!


I’ve recorded some demos that you can find here. In the spirit of not being a perfectionist, they’re good enough for now. But let me tell ya, I’m excited to get into a studio and polish them up with a full band.

You can also find photos, show dates, and other scraps of my music journey. I have big things planned for 2020, and appreciate each of you who are cheering me on.